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2 Years and Going Strong!

Nick Heim

Today (November 12th) marks 2 years in business for Junction Road Pictures! In some ways it is momentous, and in others it is just another day. But I thought we should take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the clients, crew, cast, and most importantly friends who have supported this endeavor as it has grown from a one-man affair to a real live business.

I know what you are all thinking - TWO years???? How do they do it???? That's nearly DOUBLE one year, isn't it???? (with FOUR count 'em FOUR question marks)

So I will clue you in with a series of helpful business tips. Without further ado:


   Tip 1:  Do Good Work

   Tip 2: Work Hard

   Tip 3:  Be Decent and Honest with Clients



 (There is actually a lot to be said about how to choose clients and avoid the time-suck projects, and how to bid on stuff, but that would take a long time and doesn't fit with my humorous narrative I am creating here, so you'll have to wait)