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Behind The Scenes for Lowe's "How To Choose Flooring" Video

Nick Heim

In September we shared a video that we made for Lowe's about "How To Choose Flooring", which had a unique challenge - how could we show the flooring options changing in a single shot without using computer effects? Our innovative clients at Lowe's wanted to show customers a true before/after in the same setting and lighting, which hadn't been done before.

After a lot of discussion and planning, we decided to build three "floating" sets. All the furniture would be suspended off the ground, and each room would have multiple floors that could roll in and out.

Lowes 1 3d view.jpg

Our frequent collaborators at Wood Logic in Raleigh designed and built these great sets and the rolling floors.

We combined this with a motion-control camera rig from camBLOCK that allowed us to recreate the exact same shot multiple times.


This gave us the ability to film a take, change out the floor, and shoot another take. Then these takes could be stitched together in editing to create a single shot with a changing floor.

We had a time-lapse camera going during the set build, shoot, and strike. Here you can see the interlocked 2-wall sets being built, the rolling floors created, the lighting, the 2-day shoot, and the set strike. It was a lot of work that took a lot of people working together to make it happen!


There were a lot of new challenges in this project, but it was a fantastic experience that really pushed our boundaries for problem-solving and creative production. Special thanks to our clients at Lowe's for trusting us with something this new and cool, and to our hard-working crew for making it happen.