Awesome Sauce

From field to fork, Awesome Sauce puts a delicious and saucy twist on the classic cooking show. Awesome Sauce follows veteran host and enthusiastic home cook Keith Flippen as he travels to new places and meets new people, to learn the secrets behind the ingredients, history and preparation of the world's most delicious sauces. 

This building block of cooking is a key to many recipes and can be easily mastered, yet is endlessly fascinating. Keith travels to the fields to see how the ingredients are grown, to a restaurant to see how the pros make it, and even gives a history lesson on the evolution of that week's sauce.

He then uses his unique blend of skills in cooking and communication to teach the viewers how to bring this knowledge home to their own kitchens.So join Keith on his travels as he learns about sauces, cooking, sustainable and local agriculture, and much more, on Awesome Sauce!